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Gutter Hooks. Adams Gutter Hooks for String or Icicle Lights. 100 pack

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button-christmas gutter hooks or Christmas light gutter clips are simple hooks designed to fit on half round and box gutters.

These gutter hooks will hold string or icicle lights with wiring up to 8mm in diameter and in temperatures down to MINUS 40C.
Some other hooks can become brittle and snap easily in lower temperatures - which can then clog drains!

Adams gutter hooks are made from sub-zero plastic and designed for outdoor Christmas lights. They can be used year after year.

Use a gutter clip or gutter hook every 6 inches as a rough guide. A 50ft length of lights will need approx. 100 clips. Each clip is 25mm in length.

Price: 8.31 (9.97 inc. VAT)

Out of stock