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Adams hold a PhD in Suction Cup-Ology.

Adams Suction Cups are often imitated but never duplicated.

Beware of inferior, look-a-like Chinese manufactured copies with "world's best" claims. Only Adams are the original and genuine world's best everyday suction cups made 100% in the USA and distributed from our warehouse in the UK.

Why put your trust in cheap, flimsy, inferior suction cups from elsewhere that may only let you down. Adams USA have led the way in developing exclusive materials, moulds and processes. Read about Adams Suction Cups History.

Over 40 years of extensive R&D has gone into perfecting Adams suction cups. Their skilled design engineers are committed to looking at suction cup performance down to the molecular level.
During that time, Adams has developed a deep understanding of how gravity, atmospheric pressure and surface irregularities affect performance dynamics. These insights are then applied to the design and in the manufacturing process at exacting tolerances to ensure consistent quality at every stage of suction cup production.

Ten superior features of Adams Suction Cups

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Safety in strong sunlight.
Adams groundbreaking Light-Diffusing Ring™ technology prevents surface damage. Patented light diffusing rings stop a suction cup acting like a magnifying glass in strong sunlight. Ordinary clear suction cups concentrate light to a focal point which can damage interior surfaces behind the cup such as upholstery, curtains, car seats and dashboards.

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2. Holding power.
Due to thicker cross sections and superior finished moulded surfaces, Adams suction cups are tested and rated to hold a weight* that is based on the mm diameter of a suction cup with hook on glass.
suction cups weight
22mm - 0.22kgs (0.5 lbs)
32mm - 0.45kgs (1 lbs)
47mm - 1.36kgs (3 lbs)
64mm - 3.2kgs (7 lbs)
85mm - up to 5.5kgs (12 lbs)
85mm - Pro Grade double suction hook - 9 kgs (20 lbs)
85mm bird feeder hook - see listing

*A screw-in fitting, push in fitting or slot head may lower the holding weight of an attached product due to:-
i. it's reliance on the thread made in the PVC
ii. the grip of the push in attachment within the cup
iii. the closing jaws of a self closing cup.

3. Crystal clear clarity for a professional looking suction cup.

4. Phthalate-Free
phthalate free suction cups
Adams Mfg. Corp. USA are into a rolling production change and will be the world's first manufacturer to produce only Phthalate-free suction cups for their whole range as standard.
Suction Cups Direct already stocks over 95% of suction cups in Phthalate-free material.

5. Exclusive UV stabilised proprietary material. Adams suction cups will not go yellow or turn brittle overtime.

6. Hold better for longer than other suction cups due to thicker cross sections, advanced design engineering/R&D and superior-quality U.S. sourced materials.

7. Quick release tab on suction cup edge.
Using fingernails underneath the cup will cause tiny scratches on the inside and will damage the cup edge. Air can then flow back under the suction cup and ultimately compromise the cup's suction ability.
Adams quick release tab removes the suction cup without damage to the cup or mounting surface.

8. Wide temperature range.
Temperature and humidity variations may make a suction cup lose its grip.
Adams suction cups will hold between temperatures of:-
MINUS 29°C (-20°F) and +49°C (120°F), but should first be applied above 5°C (40°F).

9. Adams Suction Cups with screw stud have brass nuts - not plastic ones as seen on cheaper versions elsewhere.

10. Adams strong hooks are "U shaped" for brush-past safety and not "V shaped" like many others. Adams strong hooks are thick metal or non-brittle clear Polycarbonate.

Adams Suction Cups compared to Snap Lock Lever Hooks and Turn Knob Devices.

Adams larger everyday suction cups do not need a snap lock/lever or any other type of turn screw knob device at the front to make them grip. Adams suction cups are firmly pushed on by hand and the job is done.

Adams suction cups hold better than an equivalent size of a "snap lock" lever type suction cup. Snap lock levers and turn knob devices pre-load the cup by using the mechanism of attaching the cup to the lever or knob within the casing of the device.
This results in a greater pressure differential between the outside and underside of the suction cup and can allow the air to migrate faster as it relies on the suction cup edge only for a seal - the lever/turn knob suction cup is continually trying to be pulled away from the applied surface.

Adams suction cups lie completely flat and restful with their total surface area behind the suction cup (including the edge) acting on the glass.

Suction Cup finish and odour.
Suction cups work best when the inner surface is perfectly smooth and without the tiny irregularities caused by large vinyl molecules evaporating off the surface. Those evaporating molecules can be sensed by smell. The quality of a suction cup therefore, is directly proportionate to how much the suction cup's odour is sensed.

Suction cups that "smell" are literally losing their ability to hold molecules as they leave the inner surface. Adams suction cups are made of a proprietary blend of materials that keep them working better and longer than any other cup. A related issue is the appearance of the inner surface. Adams cups are shiny on the underside because any matt finish or insufficiently polished mold automatically means that air is going to leak in through the seal, causing cup failure. The laws of physics being what they are, any suction cup with less than a glossy finish on the underside, around the edge and extending into the cup, simply cannot stick as well.


Adams Mfg. Corp. USA produces the world's best everyday suction cups. They've made hundreds of millions (have they made a billion?) of them over the past 40 years.
Often imitated but never duplicated - no other suction cup on the planet delivers the holding power, crystal-clear clarity, unsurpassed safety or value of Adams "Made in USA" Suction Cups.

The following are patents protecting the Adams Mfg. Corp. line of innovative products. Adams Mfg. Corp. patents are protected under United States and international law and will be vigorously defended if infringed upon.
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