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Bulk Heavy Duty Suction Cups with Narrow Top Pilot Hole. 85mm x 500 pack

765.08  (918.10 inc. VAT) low in stock! Out of stock

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Adams giant heavy duty suction cups with a narrow top pilot hole for screws.

The weight loading for this Adams 85mm suction cup is 5.5kgs (12lbs) on a clean, dry, slick, shiny, smooth, non textured, non-porous surface like glass, mirrors, glossy plastic, glazed ceramic tiles, car body work etc.

Patented safety light diffusing rings within Adams suction cups dissipates light rays so that a scorching focal point is not formed through and behind the cup in strong sunlight.(see diagram above).

Price: 765.08 (918.10 inc. VAT)

Out of stock