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Suction Cup with Keyring. 47mm Suction Cup x 500 pack.

326.30  (391.56 inc. VAT) low in stock! Out of stock

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Adams high quality 47mm diameter side pilot hole suction cups with steel 30mm outer diameter keyrings with 26mm inner diameter.

The keyring is of ample size and good strength when using as a finger loop to remove glass screens on products like mobile phones and tablets.

Each of the 2 wires of the split ring keyring is 1.98mm in diameter.

Adams suction cups have a quick release tab on their edge to remove as they really hold well. This product is also available with a larger 64mm suction cup with the same keyring. Click the blue button above.

Price: 326.30 (391.56 inc. VAT)

Out of stock