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HOME >> Suction Cups -Screw and Nut >> Suction cups with screw stud and brass nut. 64mm

Suction Cups -Screw and Nut. 64mm x 20 pack

40.64  (48.77 inc. VAT) low in stock! Out of stock

button-screw and
Fix items up to 8mm in thickness very securely without tape and adhesive.

Fix to a flat, clean, dry, slick/shiny non porous, non textured surface like glass, mirrors, glazed ceramic tiles, glossy plastic, car body work etc. This product has been useful for fixing perspex window guards on tractors to help with flying stone damage.

Adams 64mm diameter large suction cup is rated to hold 7 pounds (3.2 kgs)* in weight.
*See terms and conditions

Available in different suction cups sizes - suction cup with screw and nut
Available as a suction cup with plastic thumb screw -

Price: 40.64 (48.77 inc. VAT)

Out of stock