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Suction Cups. All types, sizes, weight ratings and examples of uses.

Adams Suction Cups have weight ratings* based on the diameter of suction cups with hooks when applied dry on clean, flat glass. The weight ratings are a guide as to the adhesive strength of the actual suction cup on the surface.

suction cups weight
22mm - 0.22kgs (0.5 lbs)
32mm - 0.45kgs (1 lbs)
47mm - 1.36kgs (3 lbs)
64mm - 3.2kgs (7 lbs)
85mm - 4.5kgs (10 lbs) - 5.5kgs (12 lbs)
85mm - Double giant suction hook - 9kgs (20 lbs)

*A screw-in fitting, push in fitting or slot head will still have the suction cup adhesion strength on the applied surface, but will lower the holding weight of an attached product due to it's reliance on the thread made in the PVC, the push-in attachment or the closing jaws of a self closing cup.

Suction Cups - Types and Uses.
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Suction Cups with Hooks

medium suction cup hook

Suction Cups for hanging signs, posters,
Christmas window ornaments etc.
Sizes from 22mm - 64mm diameter with metal hooks.

Heavy duty suction
Heavy duty giant Suction Cups with Hooks.
85mm diameter.
Strong Polycarbonate hook. Useful for Christmas wreaths or
heavy items on glass.
Holds up to 5.5kgs (12lbs) on glass.

heavy duty suction cup with large

Heavy duty Suction Cups with large hooks
are ideal as a Christmas wreath hook or bathroom hook.
Large hook holds 4.5kgs (10lbs).

Pro Grade double suctiopn hook-suction cups direct

Heavy duty Giant double Suction Cups with hooks.
holds heavy Christmas wreaths and towels in bathrooms etc.
Rated to hold 9kgs (20lbs).

Suction hook for

Suction Cups with Hooks for kitchen and bathroom use.
Strong clear 180 Polycarbonate swivel roto hook.

Suction Cups with mushroom head

suction cups-mushroom

For thin punched posters and self hanging products
with a hole or keyhole slot.
Simple push through application.
See technical drawings for suitability on any pack size listing page.

Suction Cups with flat barbed thumb tacks

Suction Cups with large thumb tacks

suction cups with flat barbed

For thin posters up to 2mm in thickness with punched holes.

Flat barbed thumb tacks for a firm grip.
For thicker posters - see Suction Cups with thumb screw below.

suction cups with large thumb

For thin posters up to 2mm in thickness with punched hole.

Same suction cup as above but with large thumb tack
with short prong for continual changing.

Suction Cups with screw stud and brass nut

Suction Cups with plastic thumb screw

suction cup with screw stud and brass cup with hand screw

For thicker signs, posters, perspex, foam board etc. between 2mm and 7.5mm in thickness.
Useful for tractor perspex screen fixings.

Suction Cups with top pilot hole

Suction cup with top pilot

22mm are used for tacks and larger diameters can be used
with screws to attached a product.

Suction Cups with long neck

Suction cup with long

Holds an item further away from the fixing surface.

Has a top pilot hole for a screw or could be used to push inside a drilled hole.
Also available as a suction cup with hook.
47mm long gripper neck can used in a drilled hole for a firm fixing.

Suction Cups with side pilot hole

Suction cup with side pilot

Suction Cups for cord, string, wire, dowel, cable ties, metal ring.
Hole goes straight through suction cup to the other side.

Heavy Duty Suction Cups

heavy duty suction

Suction Cups for demanding applications.

85mm diameter. Holds up to 5.5kgs (12lbs).
Available with hook, loop for rope or straps, top pilot hole for a screw or bolt, mushroom head or side pilot hole.

Suction Cups with slot head

suction cup with slot

Suction Cups for hanging wires on windows, Christmas lights and
aquarium airlines (large slot head).

Suction Cups with bulldog clip

suction cup with

For door and window signs, documents and literature.

Strong silver shiny metal clip. These are handy for holding items in
windscreens for delivery drivers.

Doubled Sided Suction Cups

Double sided suction

Space gripper for transporting glass
and acrylic sheets.
Separates and cushions parallel glass surfaces in the horizontal plane.

Halogen light bulb removal tool

Suction Cups with loop.

Halogen light bulb suction cup removal tool

Remove recessed halogen GU10 light bulbs.

Larger Suction Cups with Loops for removing
small screens from electronic devices.

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