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Wreath Hook for Wooden Doors. 2 pack

7.48  (8.97 inc. VAT) low in stock! Out of stock

button-christmas wreath hanger with large hook for wooden doors is narrow to make it virtually invisible, but is very strong as it is made from clear Polycarbonate and not cheap acrylic. It will fit standard 1.75 inch exterior wooden doors. This wreath hook measures 34cms (13.5ins) in length and will hold 4.5 kgs (10lbs) in weight.

Adams wreath hook is specially engineered at the top so that it doesn't jam on door frames like many other hooks on the market (see image above) and will not scratch your door like some metal ones around.

The large hook is handy for many size wreaths and also has a clear flexible pvc stabiliser at the bottom to minimise movement and prevent scratching of the door in windy conditions which can happen with metal wreath hooks.

For clean, glossy smooth, shiny, un-textured UPVC doors or windows, see our Giant Suction Cup Wreath Hook.

Price: 7.48 (8.97 inc. VAT)

Out of stock