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HOME >> Heavy Duty Suction Cups >> Heavy duty suction cups with loop. 85mm diameter. Holds upto 5.5kgs (12lbs)

Heavy Duty Suction Cups with Loop. 85mm x 900 pack

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button-heavy duty suction giant suction cup with loop can be used with thin straps, rope, wire, cord, etc. and it is ideal for marine use and other demanding applications.

Adams 85mm suction cup has a weight loading of 5.5kgs (12lbs) and has a quick release tab on it's edge for quick re-positioning or removal.

Adams suction cups fix very securely indoors or outdoors, in extreme hot and cold conditions to any clean dry, slick, shiny, smooth, non-porous, non textured surfaces like glass, mirrors, glossy plastic, glazed ceramic tiles, car body work etc.

For larger quantities, please contact us by email for a quote.

Price: 1,020.10 (1,224.12 inc. VAT)

Out of stock